Friday, October 27, 2006

Healthy Teas

Discover the benefits of drinking tea. Whether you need endurance or help combatting cancer, there are many types of tea for you. Below I will explain each and how they may benefit you.


Ginseng Tea
  • Energy - Ginseng tea is a great source of tea for releasing the energy your body alreadystores. This natural process caused by Ginseng allows your blood to cary more nutrients than it could without the use of Ginseng. Thus causing your body to have more energy demands. This energy release in th ebody is very noticible.
  • Unisex - The benefits of Ginseng is great for men and women. Ginseng interacts with your body to move your blood more easily thus allowing the energy to transfer at higher efficiencies.
  • The Libido - Men will enjoy the increase in their libido, buy not nearly as much as their better half will enjoy it. Since Ginseng increases blood circulation and allows more oxygen to be delivered in the blood, the increase in the libido is quite a nice side effect.
  • Hot and Cold - American Ginseng is great for the Spring and Summer seasons. This type of tea is helpful for people who are hot and want to be cooled off. This works because the Ginseng kicks in the natural "air-conditioning" function of your body. Korean Ginseng is great fo the Fall and Winter seasons when people are cold and need to be warmed up. The Korean Ginseng kicks in the natural "heater"function of the body.

White Tea

  • White tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other tea on the planet. White tea leaves actually grow on the bottom of green tea bushes. There are not many white tea leaves on the green tea bush. White tea does everything green tea does, but a lot more of it! This tea tastes so tremendously great that people who do not drink tea, love to drink this tea.

Green Tea

  • Green tea is a great tea for retarding the aging process, boosting your immune system and regulating the energy in your body. When made properly, oil from green tea is released in the liquid. This oil can be seen as a thin film lying over the liquid. It interacts directly with your body's nervous system and enhances its operation.
  • Taken consistently daily or several times a week, green tea transforms your body into a new physical efficient operational machine.
  • Hold that smile. Green tea is also a natural tooth whitener.

Black Tea

  • Black tea produces many of the benefits of green tea. This tea is also extremely useful in lowering the low-density cholesterol and increasing the high-density cholesterol. This effect directly allows your heart to pump your blood more easily and efficiently, which in turn increases the energy producing functionality in your body.
  • This tea is known as "Red" tea in China. The term "Black" tea has evolved from the cultural interaction between Eastern and Western civilizations.

Tu Chung Tea

  • Tu Chung tea isi a great tea for relieving pain caused by the common cold and for relieving muscle fatigue. This tea is great for relieving back pain or for allowing your body's muscles to relax. Great to drink after shoveling snow or packing up your child for college. When physical strain arrives, Tu Chung is right there for the rescue.
  • If you want to go further in your workouts and strength training, this tea is just the thing to increase your body's endurance.

Combat Cancer

Young Ji Tea

  • Young Ji tea contains reishi mushrooms which has been shown through the centuries to combat cancer and also prevent cancer. Take this tea when you feel a cold or virus coming on. The reishi mushroom in Young Ji tea will reverse the virus in your body.
  • This tea can be combined with Ginseng tea. At times the energy released by consuming the tea can be overwhelming for a person. This is when the Young Ji comes into use by allowing your body to use as much energy as it needs while leaving the unused energy on reserve for later use by the body.


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